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The IFF Gallery, located in building no. 4 at the Fort Mokotów in Warsaw is one of the largest photo gallery in Poland.

We organise, on average, six exhibitions each year, ranging from individual exhibitions and group shows that touch on contemporary issues and everything that relates to the "here and now" as well as Central European identity – in the broadest sense. The exhibition calendar of the IFF Gallery is meant to reflect and examine these notions in the photographic context on a regular basis.  

The gallery covers over ​​150 m2 and nearly 70 meters of exposition wall space. Its open space allows for any exposition layout or set construction, adaptable to the needs of any show or event.

The reading room, specialising in topics related to the field of photography, is open to all guests.

The IFF shop next to the Gallery offers publications on photography, exhibition posters, and limited-edition prints. The gallery also sells collector's edition prints. For more, follow this link  

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