Reading room

Reading room

The reading room at the Fort Institute of Photography was created to provide access to a collection of albums and books on the topic of photography for both professionals and the general public.

There is no other institution like the IFF in Poland. We are open to all, granting access to more than 1,500 albums, photobooks and theoretical studies on photography – free of charge. The reading room collection presents almost everything - from Alfred Stiglitz's photo albums to the latest publications in contemporary Polish photography.

Contemporary publications make the main section of the collection. The collection is continuously supplemented with the most recent publications on the market.

The reading room is located in Fort Mokotów in Warsaw. In addition, the catalogue is accessible online: here

Opening hours

Friday 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday Noon – 6:00 PM

How does it work?

Is the reading room free?

Yes, access to the entire collection is free of charge, but because we are a foundation, financed through donations, any amount left in the donation box is always greatly appreciated.

Can I borrow books?

Unfortunately, books are available for our visitors to access in the reading room only. We usually only have one copy of each publication and we want to continue to provide regular access to our collection for all our guests on a daily basis.

Do I have to sign up, apply for a reading room card or register before I use the reading room?

No, there is no such need, but you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter.

What should I do when I come to the reading room for the first time?

When you arrive, let the attendant know you wish to use the reading room. You will get a short tour to find out how the books are organised, how to use the online catalogue and what to do with the books after you are finished.


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Sign up for our newsletter

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